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On 11th September 2001, two things happened in New York. One, you're unfortunately probably very familiar with and have been hearing about related things all day. The other was the announcement of an international day of peace, that would occur annually on 21st September.
The idea behind it was to try and work towards world peace, starting with one day of worldwide peace and ceasefire. Now, even one day of world peace doesn't seem very likely to occur, but maybe if everyone works towards it a step at a time it could happen one day and then maybe after that continual world peace won't seem so far away.

I found out about the whole peace day thing from a documentary I happened to catch on tv one night about this one guy's attempt to get an international day of peace recognised by the UN and his subsequent realisation that just having a day of peace declared wasn't enough and that people have to actually do something towards bringing about peace in any of its forms, even if it's just on that day and even if it's just something small.

" Documentaries sometimes document incredible things and I think our film did that because the creation of the Day came four days before 9/11. It was a beautiful moment and probably the greatest day of my life. Then to be outside the United Nations on the morning of 11 September and have the cameras running and for the planes to hit the buildings, words can't really describe it. It was unbelievable. But as I say in the film I think it makes it all the more poignant. This is why we've got to come together. We've got to stand together as one. As Ahmad Fawzi from the UN says at the end of the film, we can't sit around in our armchairs and expect peace to come, because it won't.. "
- Jeremy Gilley, peace one day founder

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